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Watch: Strange 'Spa Theme Park' Planned for Japan

Having learning nothing from the frozen fish fiasco of the past few days, a city in Japan has announced plans to build a bizarre new theme park centered around hot tubs.

A promotional video from the city of Beppu that unveiled the concept shows patrons enjoying standard amusement park rides with the added bonus of the cars doubling as hot tubs.

Steam rooms strewn throughout the complex and other spa-themed aspects of the proposed park suggest a wondrous world where everyone is very, very moist.

While one might suspect, based on the somewhat comical video, that the entire concept is some kind of joke, an appearance at the end by Yasuhiro Nagano, the mayor of Beppu, indicates that it is all too real.

In an unorthodox attempt to govern by popular decree, Nagano declared that the city would commit to building the park if the video reached one million views.

It has since surpassed that and currently sits at over two million hits, leading to Nagano to confirm plans to construct the park.

That said, the city is already backtracking a bit on the concept as they conceded that the technical aspects of producing such a theme park are rather daunting.

Logistics aside, we can't imagine that there will really be a lot of demand for an amusement park where everyone is sharing bath water.

Source: New Zealand Herald

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