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Watch: Stuck Deer Crashes Through Store Window

In an incredible piece of footage from Oklahoma, a deer that had gotten stuck inside a clothing store made a jaw-dropping escape when it leapt through a huge glass window.

How and why the creature wound up roaming the aisles of the American Eagle store in the city of Stillwater is a mystery.

But based on the video, it clearly did not find what it was looking for as the animal charged towards the front of the store and exited via a majestic leap that left glass scattered along the sidewalk outside.

According to the witness who filmed the amazing event, the deer appeared unharmed by its misadventure and simply ran away from the scene.

With the holiday shopping season about to begin in earnest, the deer's dramatic dash out of the store is perfectly understandable to anyone who has been forced endure a trip to the mall at this time of year.

Source: KTRK

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