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Watch: Surprised Kangaroo Charges Car in Australia

Anyone envious of Australians for living in a land full of exotic animals may change their mind after seeing what happened when one driver encountered a kangaroo while driving down a dark road.

The seemingly peaceful ride suddenly takes a dramatic turn when the marsupial hops out of the brush and into the illumination of the oncoming car's headlights.

Rather than scamper away, the kangaroo charges towards the vehicle and takes an enormous leap onto the top of the car!

What follows is an incredible crashing sound as the animal hits the roof of the vehicle and the driver erupts in anger at his misfortune.

Despite exiting the vehicle to survey the damage and look for the pesky critter, it appears that the brazen kangaroo had already made a quick getaway before the driver could find it.

Based on the animal's actions in the footage, that's probably a good thing for the irate car owner.

Source: Jalopnik

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