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Watch: TV Studio Enlists Exorcist

A legendary TV studio in England enlisted the help of an exorcist to rid the building of ghosts following reports of odd activity that left performers shaken.

Old Granada Studios in the city of Manchester is preparing for a celebration of the building's important role in the history of British entertainment.

However, the event was nearly derailed when a band scheduled to play at the festivities refused to perform because they allegedly encountered some kind of paranormal activity during a rehearsal.

Fearing for the future of the show, organizers had an exorcist come to the studio and, ostensibly, eradicate the spirit from the site.

The studio has had a long history of purported haunted events and was even featured on a ghost hunting television program.

Theories as to what may be lurking in the studio include unhappy denizens of the 'other side' who once resided in a cemetery below the building and former stars returning to the stage for one last 'thrilling performance.'

That said, one would be wise to be a bit suspicious of the studio's exorcist story as it could simply be a publicity stunt aimed at raising awareness about the upcoming event and increasing ticket sales.

The world of show business, after all, which has proven to be as illusory as the paranormal over the years.

Source: Mirror

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