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Watch: Tourist Tossed by Irritated Elk

A tourist visiting Yellowstone National Park received an unexpected lesson in personal space from an elk that wasn't fond of her attempts to film it.

In a remarkable video of the encounter, an unnamed woman approaches the animal and begins to get dangerously close to the creature while wielding her camera.

As a man off screen attempts to warn her, the elk suddenly charges at the woman and throws her nearly 25 feet!

In an unfortunate sign of our times, her perceived protector responds to the scene by asking his companion, "yes, yes, did you get that on video?"

Thankfully, the woman appeared to be unfazed by the powerful push aside from perhaps a bruised ego as the man subsequently shouts to her, "I was just going to tell you, you're too close to that elk."

While the advice was more than a bit too late, we have a feeling that she realized her error sometime around when the elk began making a run at her.

Source: UPI

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