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Watch: Triangular UFO Filmed Over the Moon?

Using a telescopic lens to film the moon, a UFO enthusiast in Texas believes he may have captured footage of a triangular craft flying across the lunar surface!

At first, the brief clip seems to simply show a strange view of the many craters which dot the lunar landscape.

However the serene perspective is pierced when suddenly a dark object can be seen flying through the air above the moon on the left side of the video.

Upon further examination, the mysterious anomaly appears to have a distinctly triangular shape, leading some UFO researchers to conclude that it is a craft of either ET or secret human origin.

The presence of triangular UFOs near the moon is not an altogether new phenomenon as a similarly vexing object was recently discovered in classic Apollo footage as well.

Skeptics, of course, attribute the anomaly to a variety of possible prosaic explanations, most notably space debris.

Check out the perplexing video and let us know what you think of the odd object found in the footage at our Facebook page.

Source: Daily Mail

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