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Watch: Trump Sign Thief Foiled by Clever Trap

Fed up with people trying to steal or deface his Donald Trump signs, an Indiana homeowner devised an ingenious plan to foil the would-be bandits.

Opting to only use his first name when speaking to the media, Philip explained that someone attempted to destroy his Trump signs almost immediately after he placed them in the yard.

However he did not take the attacks on his free speech lightly and decided to fight back against the Trump haters.

In a design reminiscent of classic cartoons and slapstick comedies, Philip strung fishing line and green-colored string between the signs at a level which would trip anyone who attempted to obtain the placards.

He also mounted a camera on a nearby tree so that he could finally get a glimpse of the vandals who were unhappy with his display.

Fortunately for Philip, the plan worked perfectly as he recorded video of a woman brazenly pulling the signs out of the ground at his house.

However, her 'victory' was short-lived as, when she turned to run away, the thief ran right into the trip wire and went flying into the air!

Aside from amusing people around the world online, the footage is now also in the hands of Indianapolis police.

They will no doubt find their suspect if they can locate a very embarrassed Hillary Clinton fan with grass stains on her clothes.

Source: RTV6 Indiana

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