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Watch: UFO Armada Filmed Over Belarus?

A peculiar video from the Eastern European nation of Belarus shows numerous glowing orbs appearing and disappearing from multiple angles over the city of Minsk.

The enigmatic footage first captures the phenomenon taking place near a highway in the city, with one unidentified object joined by additional 'craft' until there are six in total.

Eerily, the multiple lights eventually coalesce into one single orb which then disappears from the sky.

Were that not strange enough, the video also features a similar event seemingly also taking place in Minsk as a cluster of UFOs appear hovering next to a building.

The time difference between the two incidents as well as any background on the video, beyond its purported setting in Belarus, is unknown.

Nonetheless UFO enthusiasts believe that the footage may capture another instance of craft appearing in armada form as has been seen previously in nations such as Japan and Chile.

On the other hand, skeptics suggest that the source of the lights could be lanterns or flares and are probably not from ETs visiting the former Soviet republic.

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Source: Express

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