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Watch: 'UFO' Cluster Filmed over Lake Michigan

An interesting piece of footage from Lake Michigan shows a series of glowing orbs hovering in the night sky, leading some to suspect that it could be a cluster of UFOs.

In the video, which was purportedly taken over the weekend, the seven luminous objects seem to drift over the water with one of the enigmatic anomalies appearing to travel faster than the others.

Although the obvious solution to the 'mystery' would be that these are simply Chinese lanterns, perhaps set off at a wedding or some other event nearby, UFO enthusiasts beg to differ.

They argue that the objects are the wrong color, reveal no sign of combustion, and are traveling beyond the capability of a Chinese lantern floating in the wind.

Although that could be the case, a more troubling issue surrounding the video is the scant amount of information it actually provides.

Aside from the vague date and location, there are no details surrounding who filmed the objects, the actual time they were seen, and what happened to them after they were filmed.

So while we hasten to underestimate the possibility that the alleged event is connected to the Charlotte 'UFO' cluster video from a few days ago and we are about to be invaded by aliens, cooler heads would surmise that the sighting is a case of mistaken identity ... we hope.

Nonetheless, let us know what you think of this latest case of a potential UFO cluster at the C2C Facebook page.

Source: UFOsightingsdaily.com

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