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Watch: UFO Explodes over ISIS Territory?

Intriguing security camera footage from Turkey shows a mysterious glowing object briefly descending through the air before seemingly exploding and lighting up the night sky.

The event occurred in an area of the country that is near the Syrian border and very close to a region currently controlled by ISIS.

Despite what appeared to be an enormous blast, local officials claim no debris was found in the area and suggested that it was a natural event.

Some optimistic UFO researchers have suggested that perhaps the object was an indication that ETs are opposed to ISIS and are doing their part to help thwart the terrorist group.

While such a scenario would be ideal, it seems unlikely that an advanced civilization would have much interest in what would appear to them to be a tribal skirmish between Earth's denizens.

A more conceivable possibility, aside from a prosaic astronomical event, could be that the footage captured Turkish military forces attempting to fend off encroaching ISIS fighters.

Check out the video and tell us what you think occurred in the footage at our Facebook page.

Source: Express

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