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Watch: UK City's 'Plague Doctor' Unmasked

The mystery over a strange figure seen roaming the streets of an English city dressed as a plague doctor appears to have finally been solved.

The eerie entity generated a significant amount of interest on social media as residents of Chester, England began wondering why this figure suddenly appeared and who it might be.

Donning a long black robe and sporting an unnerving beaked mask, the chilling 'plague doctor' flummoxed witnesses in Chester as it silently stalked the streets at night.

However after footage of the figure appearing online over the weekend, the people behind the odd entity have finally stepped forward to reveal its purpose.

In a somewhat unsurprising revelation, a Chester-based archeology company known as Big Heritage announced that they are the source of the character which has had their city on edge for weeks.

Their exact reason for the stunt remains cloaked in secrecy, but the company hinted that it involved filming for a new project which they hope to unveil to the city soon.

Hopefully the unannounced endeavor justifies the terror inflicting upon the city of Chester over the last few weeks and months, but we're rather skeptical that will turn out to be the case.

Source: Chester Chronicle

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