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Watch: Underwater Purple Orb Baffles Scientists

Oceanic researchers studying the waters off the coast of California were flummoxed when they filmed a mysterious purple orb that seemed to defy explanation.

The oddity was spotted while doing a study of the deep sea coral found in the Channel Islands and its unique nature caused the researchers to stop their work and wonder what it might be.

Fortunately, their vessel features a special tube which can suck up anything of interest and they opted to snag the strange sphere in order to further study it.

A subsequent examination of the purple orb suggested that it may be a new form of mollusk heretofore never documented.

According to the researchers on the ship, however, it will likely take several years before that theory can be confirmed.

Until then, we'll just hold out hope that it is not actually an alien egg that's about to hatch and unleash chaos upon the world.

Source: CNET

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