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Watch: Unsettling Exorcism Unfolds in Thailand

A chaotic piece of footage from Thailand shows the unsettling exorcism of an unfortunate woman seemingly possessed by an evil spirits.

The unnamed victim allegedly became targeted by dark forces after moving into a new home, leading local 'ghost doctors' to conclude that the spirits of the previous owners were tormenting her.

As such, a group of concerned nearby residents performed an exorcism on both the woman and her home.

In the unnerving video of the ritual, the woman can be seen thrashing about on the floor of the home while screaming at the spirits that she does not deserve to be tortured by them.

Meanwhile, in the background, a person can be seen smashing a 'spirit house' in the front yard of the home.

In Thailand, such structures are put in the yard of a property to provide a place for the spirits of prior residents to stay should they visit their former home.

According to the 'ghost doctor' who tended to the woman, the smashing of the spirit house apparently proved successful in driving the angry spirits away.

Source: The Sun

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