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Watch: Webcam at Eagle's Nest Films Bigfoot?

A streaming webcam that watches over an eagle's nest in northern Michigan inadvertently captured footage of a perplexing creature lurking down below in the forest.

The puzzling scene was noticed and posted by the website OutdoorHub, who are responsible for the 'EagleCam' at Platte River State Fish Hatchery.

In the footage, a dark figure can be seen seemingly walking through the woods below the eagle's nest which is perched high above it in a tree.

Since the perspective is from so far away, few details can be discerned from the footage, although the website did attempt to zoom in on the anomaly to get a better look at it.

To their credit, they also conceded that 'mystery animal' is likely just a person walking through the woods and not the legendary Bigfoot inadvertently caught on film.

Following a somewhat similar 'sighting' in Michigan earlier this month which turned out to be a bear, such skepticism is well understood.

In fact, more cynical viewers have gone so far as to suggest that this person is trying to appear as if they are Bigfoot in an attempt to hoax viewers.

However, if it is a person wandering through the forest, we're more inclined to believe that they have no idea that they were being filmed at all.

And, of course, it's probably best not to entirely rule out the possibility that the creature could be an actual Bigfoot, since that's exactly what the confounding cryptid would want us to do and we refuse to be outsmarted by Sasquatch.

Check out the webcam footage and let us know what you think at the C2C Facebook page.

Source: OutdoorHub

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