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Watch: Weird Robot Record Broken

In both a mesmerizing and also somewhat unsettling display, a Chinese toy company successfully set a new world record for orchestrating the largest robot dance party ever.

The incredible performance, which took place in the city of Guangzhou, China, featured a jaw-dropping 1,069 of the company's 'Dobi' robots dancing simultaneously.

What may be stranger than the sight of over a thousand robots dancing at the same time is that the feat actually broke an existing world record for a similar stunt held last year where 1,007 robots took home the title.

While the accomplishment may sound silly to some, it was taken seriously by the folks at Guinness, who studiously watched the robots unleash their dance moves.

When it was all said and done, they subsequently deducted all of the automatons that toppled over during the elaborate dance and, therefore, failed to complete the task.

Video of the record-breaking event may appear rather amusing, but it also serves as a nightmarish vision of what a robot army ready for battle just might look like should it be programmed to destroy rather than dance.

Source: C-Net

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