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Watch: Weird 'Witch' Filmed in Colombia

A perplexing piece of footage from Colombia appears to show a shadowy black 'entity' lurking and floating around an apartment building.

In the puzzling video, which was allegedly taken by a security camera at the complex, some kind of dark form suddenly appears to hover near the edge of the building's top floor.

It then drops down to the level below before seemingly levitating back to the top of the building.

The incident purportedly occurred in the Colombian city of Cali, but little other information is known about the strange event.

Due to the cloak-like nature of the black form, some observers have been quick to brand the anomaly a 'witch,' while others theorize that it may be a demonic force.

A more skeptical perspective on the footage suggests that the mysterious 'figure' could possibly be a sheet or a garbage bag that is being whipped around by the wind.

However even that explanation is not entirely satisfying in that it is fairly difficult to discern whether the object is moving intelligently or is simply being swept up in an air current.

Check out the bizarre footage and let us know at the C2C Facebook page what you think the 'witch' might be.

Source: Mirror

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