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Watch: Weird Worm Astounds Hiker

A man hiking in Malaysia was mystified when he spotted a truly strange-looking creature slithering on the ground at his feet.

The unsettling encounter occurred when Danish Ho was out exploring with his family and they noticed the odd animal which sports a head similar to a hammerhead shark.

He managed to snag some footage of the beast and, as he filmed it, wondered aloud, "what sort of snake is this?"

No doubt due to the sheer weirdness of the creature, Ho's video quickly went viral and, soon afterward, the mystery was solved.

According to astute viewers, the slimy star of the video is, in fact, a worm and not a snake.

Specifically and appropriately, the creature is known as a 'hammerhead worm' and boasts a reputation as monstrous as its appearance.

Scientifically dubbed a 'bipalium,' the hammerhead uses slime to ensnare its victims and then, once the prey is immobilized, the creature extracts their bodily fluids for sustenance.

Fortunately, it's unlikely that you'll encounter one of the creatures anytime soon as they are rarely seen in the United States or Europe because they considered an invasive species capable of wreaking havoc of ecosystems.

Source: The Sun

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