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Weird Wasp Sports Ant-Like Tail

During a visit to a museum in Peru, zoologists from Finland found a truly bizarre species of wasp which boasts a tail that bears a striking resemblance to an ant!

Despite originally thinking it was merely a mutation, researchers eventually concluded that, in fact, it was a unique species of wasp that had evolved to look that way.

According to scientists, the weird wasp is an example of a phenomenon in nature known as mimicry, where a creatures take on the appearance of a different animal and either scare or fool their prey.

Similar to the Skywalker gibbon we told you about last week, the wasp was given a name which may resonate with pop culture fans: Clistopyga caramba as in the astonished expression "Ay, caramba" made famous by Bart Simpson.

Considering the wasp's creepy appearance, it's an entirely appropriate name for the chimera-like creature.

Source: Gizmodo

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