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Weird Whale Clusters Stump Scientists

Researchers are baffled by bizarre behavior exhibited by humpback whales where the normally solitary creatures have been spotted appearing in clusters numbering in the hundreds.

Previously unseen until a few years ago, the puzzling whale gatherings were first noticed back in 2011 and have since been documented on a few other occasions.

In one instance, researchers recorded an astounding 200 humpback whales feeding together in the waters near South Africa.

Making the phenomenon even odder is that the gathering was quite a distance from where the whales normally reside during that time of year.

As to what may be causing the whale gatherings, the prevailing theories are that it is a response to a change in the availability of prey or that it is actually a normal event but is only coming to light now that the humpback population has increased to its previously healthy levels.

While it's commendable that the whale have seemingly learned to work together, let's just hope they stick to feasting on krill and don't get any bright ideas about teaming up against humans.

Source: New Scientist

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