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'Wessie' the Snake Presumed Dead

'Wessie' the Snake Presumed Dead

The giant 'mystery snake' that captivated a city in Maine last summer is unlikely to be seen again as wildlife experts say that 'Wessie' probably perished with the arrival of winter.

Following a series of sightings in June and then the discovery of a massive snakeskin two months later, the tale of the giant snake lurking in Westbrook, Maine quickly grew to near-mythic proportions.

The snake, quickly dubbed 'Wessie,' became anointed as an unlikely mascot for Westbrook, inspiring a folk song, developing a social media presence, and turning into a bonafide merchandising bonanza.

However Wessie may prove to have been a one hit wonder because winter in Westbrook would be particularly brutal for the cold-blooded creature.

An update from the Portland Press Herald suggests that the snake likely perished sometime in the last few months and that scavengers will ensure that its body is never found.

Because of that ambiguous ending, there's the possibility for future sightings, but renowned cryptozoologist Loren Coleman cautioned to the newspaper that those alleged appearances will probably be hoaxes.

Should there be a genuine encounter with the creature next year, he said, it would mean that Wessie somehow managed to survive the winter by finding a warm place of refuge.

Considering that Wessie already surpassed expectations by even been seen in Westbrook, it would, indeed, be unwise to count the snake out just yet. To that end, let's not forget the saga of a similar creature: Pedals the Bear.

While we wait to see if Wessie will return following the winter, the creature is commemorated at Coleman's International Cryptozoology Museum in Portland where a piece of its purported skin is on display.

Source: Portland Press Herald

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