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When Black Eyed Children Come Inside

When Black Eyed Children Come Inside

Black Eyed Children present many questions for paranormal researchers but perhaps none more vexing than what happens if a witness lets them inside their home.

A relatively recent phenomenon to emerge, Black Eyed Children encounters are described by witnesses as instances where seemingly out of place kids appear at a doorstep asking for help.

Despite the pleas of these mysterious children, homeowners are always driven to turn them away after they feel an ominous sense of dread and discover that the odd kids possess solid black eyes!

What happens if Black Eyed Children are let inside has been the subject of much speculation from paranormal researchers, but a new witness report may shed light on the frightening scenario.

In a recent blog post from Week in Weird, a woman claims to have made the mistake of allowing the entities into her home and shared the terrifying result of her misplaced generosity.

The encountered happened about a year ago when she was suddenly woken up by a loud banging at her door.

After waking her husband, the couple answered the door to discover two disheveled children standing in the snow.

The woman instinctually felt ill at ease with the children but, against her better judgment, decided to let them inside the house to get out of the cold.

Once they were inside, her husband asked them a series of questions about how the kids happened upon their doorstep, but only received the response "our parents will be here soon" in a creepy sing song voice.

Shortly thereafter, the couple were stunned to notice that the kids has solid black eyes, causing them to recoil in horror.

The woman's husband began having dizzy spells and then a nosebleed while their normally friendly cats hid from the visitors.

Suddenly, the power in the house went out and the couple were gripped by sheer terror waiting to see what would happen next.

One of the children eventually said that their parents had arrived and the two entities left the house to meet a pair of men waiting at a black car in the driveway.

The four strange entities then simply drove away as mysteriously as they had appeared.

In the time since the encounter with the Black Eyed Children, the couple have had their cats disappear or die and both the woman as well as her husband have been plagued by illnesses, including a cancer diagnosis that seemingly has no explanation.

"I know that all of this is because I let the Black Eyed Children into my home," she lamented in her letter to the website.

You can check out the full report from the unfortunate witness in chilling detail at the Week in Weird.

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