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Wild Monkeys Target Florida Family

A family in Florida found themselves in a frightening predicament during a recent visit to a state park when a troop of wild monkeys attacked them!

The strange scene occurred at the Silver Springs State Park in the city of Ocala, where a population of wild rhesus monkeys have lived for over seven decades.

And so Susie Ramsey and her family were likely not surprised to spot the creatures when they explored the park last week, but they were definitely taken aback when they became the target of the agitated monkeys.

In a video which resembles something that one might expect from the forthcoming Planet of the Apes sequel, the Ramsey's son can be heard marveling at how there are actually wild monkeys living in Florida.

However his amazement soon turned to terror when the creatures became menacing and began charging at them while hissing and growling.

Fortunately, it would appear that cooler heads prevailed on the part of the monkeys as no one was hurt in the standoff.

Based on the behavior of the creatures, it is thought that the family may have inadvertently instigated the aggression by looking the monkeys in the eye, which is seen by the creatures as a challenge.

That last detail is particularly worrisome as wildlife experts have expressed concern that the monkey population could spread beyond the state park and into residential areas.

So beyond all of the other stresses of everyday life, it appears that the residents of Ocala may also need to be on the lookout for random rhesus monkeys, lest they spot one and spawn a simian showdown by staring at the out-of-place creature.

Source: WFTS

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