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Winchester Mystery House 'Unlocks' a Slew of New Rooms

Visitors to the famed Winchester Mystery House can now see the site in a whole new light as a bevy of rooms at the home have been opened to the public for the first time.

As part of their 'Explore More Tour,' the popular paranormal attraction in San Jose is allowing patrons access to an astounding 40 additional rooms and areas of the house that had previously been off-limits.

Among the 'new' parts of the home that can be explored are a unique spot known as the 'South Witches Cap,' which is a round room where Harry Houdini allegedly conducted a séance in the 1920's.

Additionally, areas on the third floor where ghosts are said to lurk are also included in the never-before-seen parts of the house that are finally being showcased.

And, in what may serve to upset the spirit of Sarah Winchester, the house can now be entered through its front door, which even the infamous proprietor of the home refused to allow guests to do.

In fact, Winchester's reticence to use the front entrance was so strong that she purportedly didn't even open the door for Teddy Roosevelt when he once came to visit the house.

The 160-room mansion known for its eclectic architecture, spiritualist inspirations, and eccentric owner is soon to be the subject of a movie starring legendary actress Helen Mirren playing Sarah Winchester.

Source: KPIX San Francisco

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