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Wind Causes Chaotic Balloon Ride

Heavy winds wreaked havoc upon a festival outside of Chicago, causing hot air balloons to fly wildly out of control.

The dramatic scene was captured on video by a witness who was aghast at the terrifying scene.

Amid the shrieks of children and gasps from adults, the basket of one vessel can be seen smashing into another balloon.

The chaos continued as the wind repeatedly knocks the balloons down the ground and lifts them up again.

And then, as if the incredible display of nature's power were not frightening enough, a man is actually knocked out of one the balloon's baskets and dangles over the side to the horror of those watching below.

He eventually managed to free himself from the situation when the balloon briefly returned to ground level before flying away.

"I hope he's not the one who runs it," said one witness.

But, indeed, he was the pilot of the balloon and, as such, there were two unwitting passengers left behind in the out-of-control vessel!

Fortunately, they were able to escape from the craft safely when it finally landed with a thud one last time.

Source: ABC News

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