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'Winged Humanoid' Revealed to be a Hoax

The alleged 'winged humanoid' discovered in Mexico, which made headlines earlier in the summer, has been revealed to be a hoax.

In an interview with SkyWatchTV over the weekend, author and researcher L.A. Marzulli detailed how his team managed to bring the specimen from Mexico to the United States for further testing by veterinarians.

During this testing, he said, the 'humanoid' underwent extensive testing by the experts where, initially, "everybody in the room,at this point, believes that the creature is real."

However, two hours after the 'entity' had been removed from the liquid solution that once contained it, the creature began to dry up and shrink.

It is at that point, Marzulli said, "we begin to see things that shouldn't be there" as the skin of the creature begins to evaporate.

Specifically, he spotted a puzzling piece of the 'creature' that featured an anomalous blue substance to it.

Asking the veterinarian what the object was, he replied, "that looks like a matchstick or a toothpick and that's glue on the end of it."

Stunned, Marzulli looked closer at the 'creature' and saw more of this blue material on the arm of the 'entity.'

At this point, the realization hit him that the 'winged humanoid' was, in fact, a hoax.

Further x-rays of the specimen with these new insights in mind revealed additional aspects of the 'creature' which confirmed that it had been fabricated.

He conceded that the researchers were dismayed to learn that the tantalizing 'creature' and the fantastic backstory behind it, were all "part of the elaborately staged ruse."

To his credit, Marzulli apologized to anyone who had been "taken in" by the story and noted that it was the first time that his group had been forced to offer a retraction about their research.

He expressed regret over going public with the 'creature' before it had been fully vetted, but noted that his initial release of the information included the caveat that additional testing was needed.

"This is the 'more testing,'" he said, "it is a hoax."

According to Marzulli, he had the faux creature examined by a zoologist, who managed to identify some of the parts of the 'entity' as piece of different animals, such as a bat and a squirrel.

The zoologist theorized that the 'creature' was the work of a taxidermist that may have taken forty or fifty hours to create.

According to Marzulli, he hopes to tell the complete story of the fabricated 'creature' in a forthcoming book using the clever title Anatomy of a Hoax.

Source: lamarzulli.wordpress.com / SkyWatchTV

The initial announcement of the investigation into the creature can be seen below.

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