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Witch Conjures Bees to Recover Bike

Witch Conjures Bees to Recover Bike

A man in Kenya managed to recover his stolen motorbike by purportedly enlisting the help of a local witchdoctor and a swarm of bees!

According to a Kenyan media report which boasted the awesome headline 'Witchcraft is Real,' the unnamed resident of Mbooni was left with little recourse after a thief took his motorbike and, ostensibly, authorities were unable to help.

As such, the man sought guidance from an area witchdoctor, who produced a wondrous and terrifying solution to the problem.

At a local market, where the pilfered property was being kept, a swarm of bees suddenly materialized on the motorbike.

Witnesses say that the suspect behind the motorbike heist fled from the unsettling scene and the swarm sat upon the vehicle until the original owner arrived to claim it.

What became of the bees after that is a mystery, but we'd like to think they flew away beaming with pride over a job well done.

Coast Insiders can learn about the world of witchcraft and magic by checking out the 6/3/2016 edition of the program featuring author and spell collector Judika Illes.

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