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Witches Curse Infamous Pharma Exec

Witches Curse Infamous Pharma Exec

A group of witches in New York City are hoping for some supernatural justice after casting a hex on reviled pharmaceutical executive Martin Shkreli.

Derisively dubbed the 'pharma bro,' Shkreli made headlines last year when his company increased the price of an HIV treatment by an astounding 4,000 percent.

Unapologetic about the price increase and seeming to bask in his status as a national villain, Shkreli was ultimately called before Congress to testify about the pharmaceutical industry.

Once again, Shkreli's antics caused outrage when he made a mockery of the testimony by continually invoking the 5th Amendment and smirking at the frustrated politicians attempting to question him.

It was that antagonistic event which caught the attention a New York City practitioner of witchcraft named Howl, who reasoned that sending a supernatural message to Shkreli may be the only way to ensure that he pay for his misdeeds.

"That was the moment where I realized clearly the justice system is not going to do anything, and even if they do, it’s going to be a minor slap on the wrist for someone of his affluence," Howl told Daily Dot.

As such, a gathering of witchcraft practicing New Yorkers convened on Ash Wednesday in order to put a hex on the 'pharma bro.'

One aspect of the elaborate ceremony, Howl explained to the website, included passing a wax effigy of Shkreli around in a circle as "each person anointed a different part of the effigy and expressed their desire for the type of hex they’d like to enact."

Since the ceremony, it does appear that Shkreli's luck has taken a turn for the worse and Howl is hopeful that the hex can continue to be a dark cloud hovering over his head.

Surprisingly, the notoriously outspoken executive has not responded to the hexing ceremony but, based on his previous responses to critics, it would likely consist of some 'curse words' as well.

Source: DailyDot

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