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Woman Selling Home Due to 'Goat Entity'

Woman Selling Home Due to 'Goat Entity'

After years of ghostly encounters inside her home, a woman in England finally had enough after spotting an entity with a goat-like visage on security footage from the property.

Vanessa Mitchell moved into the house in 2004 and, over the years, experienced not only spirit sightings but also apparent attacks by entities inside the home.

These events led to her ultimately moving out of the property in 2012, but she capitalized on its creepiness by renting it out for ghost tours and making media appearances recounting her unsettling experiences.

However, when Mitchell recently saw security footage which she believes revealed a 'Satanic goat' at the property, she felt compelled to rid herself of the home once and for all.

"I've had enough of its spooky residents and the devil goat picture has led me to finally put it on the market," she told The Star.

The seemingly sinister nature of the house may be due to the fact that it once served as a prison for women accused of witchcraft in the 16th century and, thus, has earned the dubious nickname 'The Cage.'

Prospective new owners of 'The Cage,' need only around $400,000 to call the place their own, although a healthy tolerance for demonic goats would also help.

Source: RT

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