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Woman Sleepwalks Over a Mile For a Melon

Woman Sleepwalks Over a Mile For a Melon

In a bizarre story befitting a sitcom plot, a young woman in Scotland claims that she sleepwalked for over a mile and wound up in a grocery store perusing their produce!

The unnamed woman shared her story on a Facebook page dedicated to local news in Scotland and the tale was seemingly verified by local police, suggesting that she had not fabricated the story.

According to the alleged sleepwalker, she wandered an amazing one-and-a-half miles both barefoot and wearing only a nightdress until she arrived at a 24 hour grocery store.

It was there, the woman says, that she headed for the produce section and began searching for a melon.

Concerned employees called police who threw caution to the wind when it comes to urban legends and decided to wake the sleeping woman.

The no doubt disoriented sleepwalker was subsequently given some socks and shoes by the staff at the store and then taken home by the officer who responded to the call.

While this might sound like simply a story spun for attention on social media, it is apparently at least somewhat true as police confirmed that they had, indeed, handled an incident involving a woman in distress at the grocery store during the time the tale purportedly took place.

Since they simply said that she was "assisted home safely" rather than arrested or taken into custody, it suggests that the sleepwalking episode was not just a really boring dream about going to the store to buy a melon.

Source: STV News

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