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Woolly Mammoth on Track for Comeback

Woolly Mammoth on Track for Comeback

While we are still waiting for flying cars to appear on the scene, another long-awaited fixture of the 'future' may finally be happening: the return of the woolly mammoth!

The lead scientists for a team of researchers at Harvard has revealed that their efforts to revive the famed beast are advancing at a remarkable pace.

Professor George Church told the Guardian that the scientists are only about two years away from creating an elephant-mammoth hybrid.

The amazing specimen, Church says, would contain a number of traits taken from the DNA of the extinct animal, including its unique ears and trademark woolly mane.

While creating the genetic code for the 'mammophant' would be an achievement in and of itself, actually producing one is a far more complex endeavor.

The team of researchers intend to grow the creature inside an artificial womb, but skeptics say such science simply isn't advanced enough to do that yet and it may not be for quite a while.

Nonetheless, Church's optimistic timeline gives hope that the once-mighty mammoth will make its big comeback someday soon.

Source: Guardian

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