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You Are Already Dead: Creepy Viral Video Baffles Investigators

You Are Already Dead: Creepy Viral Video Baffles Investigators

An utterly weird video of a cloaked figure with purported hidden codes and imagery has baffled internet detectives trying to solve the mystery. WARNING: This video may contain graphic subliminal imagery.

Click here to see video.

After a Swedish tech blogger claimed he received a copy of it in the mail and posted it online, the folks at Reddit.com made a series of chilling discoveries, The Washington Post reported.

On the surface, the video shows a cloaked masked man in a decaying industrial setting making furtive hand gestures. He then holds a blinking light in his hand that may be emitting Morse code. Images that last for less than a second appear subliminally.

But by analyzing both the video and audio layers through a spectrograph analyzer, the hidden images became apparent, the bloggers claim. Along with the phrase, “YOU ARE ALREADY DEAD”, disturbing imagery of women allegedly being tortured or killed could be seen, multiple sources claim.

Worried that this might be the work of a new breed of serial killer, the internet detectives from the Daily Dot, 4 Chan and other social sites went into overdrive conducting a worldwide online investigation.

It was soon learned that two of the images hidden within the video originate from obscure low-budget horror movies while a third is said to be a real-life crime scene photo of one of the Boston Strangler's victims.

Another code that was allegedly discerned was said to be "RED LIPSLIKE TENTH", which Redditors claim is an anagram of "KILL THE PRESIDENT". Some theorists have claimed that the hidden video embed also contains the GPS coordinates for the White House.

The broadband investigators are said to have determined a possible point of origin for the video – someplace in Poland – purportedly an abandoned sanitarium.

Since law enforcement authorities have not officially commented on the video's contents – hidden or otherwise - speculation is rife that it may be part of a viral marketing campaign or an elaborate Halloween hoax.

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