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You Might Be a Coast To Coast Fan If...

You Might Be a Coast To Coast Fan If...

In celebration of their one year anniversary, Luna Bella from the NightHawk Zone(1) shares this fun graphic (pictured, click for enlargement) as well as her new list, You Might Be a Coast To Coast Fan If...

  • Your pet parakeet knows the phrase, "Good morning, good evening, wherever you may be, across the nation, around the world."
  • You have pictures of George, Art, and Ian hanging over your fireplace.
  • Chatting in the NightHawkZone.com(2) during each live Coast To Coast(3) broadcast is more important than sleeping, eating or work.
  • Instead of being disgusted at hearing the phrases, "boiling pits of sewage," "glonal warming," "devil's mouthpiece" or "pornografied," you break out in a fit of laughter.
  • You're reading this at 3:30 AM while chugging down a can of Vault.
  • You use the phrase, "There's no coincidences" more than once a week.
  • You have refused to watch the Emmy Awards since Predictions with George Noory was snubbed for Best Show.
  • You saw your cat's lips moving, and you're positive he's trying to communicate with you.
  • You bought a TIVO so you could record the Sci-Fi channel while you chat in the NightHawk Zone(1) while listening to Coast To Coast(3).
  • At lunch your alphabet soup spells out the name "Oscar" and you panic!

Read Luna Bella's previous list, You're a REAL C2C Fan If...

1. http://www.nighthawkzone.com
2. http://www.nighthawkzone.com
3. http://www.coasttocoastam.com

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