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Young Man in Russia Claims to be a Reincarnated Martian

A young man in Russia has become somewhat of a sensation thanks to his claims that he can recall living on Mars in a past life.

Boriska Kipriyanovich initially stunned doctors and experts when he was only two years old and purportedly possessed the ability to both read and write.

However, his story became even more fantastic as the boy began to grow older and started sharing stunning details about what he says was a past life on Mars as well as knowledge of the solar system that he had never been taught in school.

According to Kipriyanovich, his previous incarnation had been that of an interstellar pilot who lived on Mars during tumultuous times towards the end of civilization on the Red Planet.

The remaining Martians, he says, were forced to retreat underground due to a nuclear war with the hopes of someday rebuilding their world.

Somewhere along the way, Kipriyanovich's Martian incarnation passed away and then reemerged by way of the Russian child who could somehow remember his previous experiences.

Beyond life on Mars, the young man, now aged 20, alleges that there is some kind of hidden message contained within the Great Sphinx, but that it is locked away and unable to be seen at this time.

Should humanity be able to solve the riddle of the ancient monument, Kipriyanovich declares, it will be an Earth-shattering moment which will profoundly change our very existence on this planet.

Alas, however, Kipriyanovich in unable to articulate the precise mechanism by which the Sphinx can be opened, only that there is a 'switch' of sorts contained in the paw of the statue.

Whether we'll ever be able to access this secret part of the Sphinx remains to be seen as does the veracity of Kipriyanovich's tale as a whole, since skeptics insist that he has fabricated the reincarnation saga.

What's your take on the strange story of Boriska Kipriyanovich? Let us know at the Coast to Coast AM Facebook page.

Source: Daily Mail

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