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Zambian Shadow Person Unmasked

The eerie image of a strange 'shadow person' hovering over a shopping in mall in Zambia has been shown to be a hoax.

Purported photos of the creepy scene made headlines over the weekend with observers offering a wide range of explanations from the supernatural to the skeptical.

Fortunately, eagle-eyed researchers have managed to identify the origin of the 'shadow person' and it appears that the entity in question was merely a kite.

Clever hoaxers had taken the image of the admittedly terrifying kite and superimposed it over the Zambian shopping mall to create the ominous scene.

It subsequently popped up on an obscure Zambian Facebook page in a posting that included the colorful backstory for the 'incident' that became affixed to the image when the story went viral.

While it should come as no surprise that the 'entity' is not genuine, it is rather disappointing to learn that it was an outright fake rather than simply a really awesome case of paradelia.

On the bright side, the revelations should ease the concerns of anyone who was worried about those traumatized Zambian shoppers, since they apparently did not exist either.

Source: entertainment.ie

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