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Zombie Prank Irks Ohio Officials

An Ohio resident notorious for his zombie Nativity Scene is once again under fire due to the undead, thanks to a prank on Facebook.

After deconstructing the controversial holiday decorations, Jasen Dixon and his friend, Dustin Smith, placed one of the zombies in a pond in Dixon's backyard.

They then posted pictures of the submerged mannequin on Facebook and pretended that Smith had discovered a dead body frozen in a lake.

"We messed with people and everyone was falling for it," Dixon boasted to TV station WCPO.

Although the pair only kept the joke going for a couple of hours before admitting it was a hoax, the prank apparently did not amuse Ohio's Department of Natural Resources.

A spokesperson for the department told WCPO that they are investigating the case and are actually looking into whether any laws were broken by the pair of pranksters.

For their part, the duo insist they did not do anything illegal by posting the pictures and that they never attempted to fool authorities nor create a dangerous situation.

Regardless of whether officials in Ohio ultimately agree with that assessment, the incident should serve as proof that pretending you've found a dead body in order to fool your friends and family on Facebook is probably not a good idea, even if it sounds hilarious on paper.

Source: WCPO

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