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A Curious Timeline

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When I interviewed tonight's guest Al Bielek for the August 2000 issue of After Dark, I was struck by the fact that he told me he'd lived in not one, but two different bodies.

According to Bielek, he'd been born as the aristocratic Edward Cameron in 1916, but then after being kidnapped by Black Ops in 1953, he was regressed physically to the body of an infant, and sent back to 1927 to be raised by the Bielek family.

To help keep track of these two identities and the various events that happened to them, I have included a timeline graphic that ran with the article. (Al Bielek events are in white, Edward Cameron events are in black), Click here to view 1916-1954, and here to view 1976-2000.

For a view that cast doubts on Al Bielek's claims, visit bielek-debunked.com(1), a site endorsed by noted ufologist Stanton Friedman.


1. http://www.bielek-debunked.com/index2.html
2. http://archive.coasttocoastam.com/info/about_lex.html


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