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Actual Roswell Crash Site to Have Tours for the First Time Ever

Actual Roswell Crash Site to Have Tours for the First Time Ever

For the first time ever, members of the public will be able to set foot on the spot where it is believed that a UFO crashed in the desert outside of Roswell. As part of the annual festivities celebrating the 1947 event, the current occupants of the ranch once owned by Mack Brazel have announced plans to provide tours of the location for that one weekend only. This is particularly remarkable because, despite the huge influx of tourists to the city every July for events commemorating the Roswell crash, the ranch had always been closed to visitors.

However, the family that now owns the ranch have finally decided to embrace their property's place in UFO lore by way of tours that are being trumpeted as the first of their kind in 71 years. If you're wondering what may have inspired the change of heart, the $250 price tag for the 'VIP experience' and a more modest $65 cost for a bus tour of the location should provide an answer. While some may balk at forking over that kind of money to visit an otherwise barren area of the New Mexico desert, we're guessing that the historic nature of the site and the fact that such an opportunity has never been available before will make the tours the hottest ticket in town at this year's event.

Those who partake in the more expensive version of the tour will be able to enjoy a meal of authentic Mexican cuisine and participate in "interactive activities" at the crash site. Perhaps even more intriguing, for UFO history buffs, they will also be allowed inside the ranch house where Mack Brazel once lived and, presumably, some pieces of the infamous crashed object were briefly housed back in 1947. The tour group will also have metal detectors available to rent for anyone who may wish to try their luck at finding a piece of flying saucer debris that may have somehow gone unnoticed in the sand for seven decades.

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