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Agenda for 2016 Bilderberg Meeting Revealed

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A bevy of the world's most powerful figures will descend on Dresden, Germany on Thursday for the controversial annual conclave known as the Bilderberg Meeting.

Created in 1954, the gathering of the global elite has long been suspected of setting the agenda for world affairs and cultivating political leaders who will help enact those plans.

Conspiracy theorists as well as political pundits point to former President Bill Clinton and UK prime minister Tony Blair as potential beneficiaries of the Bilderberg's enormous influence as their respective ascensions began after the politicians first attended the meetings.

This year's attendees include an array of powerful figures from the world of European and American politics and industry as well as global economists and even the King of the Netherlands.

Although the event is shrouded in secrecy, the organizers of the Bilderberg Meeting have provided a glimpse of the 2016 agenda via a press release at their website.

While the list of talking points is rather vague, it does provide rare insight into the issues which the global elite consider to be most pressing at this time.

Among the topics slated for discussion are China, Russia, and the Middle East as well as issues surrounding cyber-security and the "geopolitics of energy and commodity prices."

Indicative of the event's Anglo-American leanings, there will also be a strong focus on the current state of Europe, likely centering around the 'Brexit' debate, as well as the political landscape in the United States, which will almost certainly pertain to the rise of Donald Trump.

Perhaps the most intriguing topic to be discussed will be the 'precariat,' an economic term for the large number of marginalized and underemployed people who are struggling to make ends meet.

The acknowledgement of this growing class of people may be a sign that the power brokers in attendance feel threatened by the undercurrent of unhappiness seemingly pervading the planet.

Unfortunately the conversations and concepts bandied about during the four day gathering will remain exclusive to those in attendance as the group maintains a strict code of secrecy surrounding the event.

That said, there's a very good chance that changes throughout the world, both subtle and significant, will be enacted as a result of the meetings held this week.

And while it would be nice to know what those changes might be, one has to have a small bit of appreciation for the Bilderberg group adhering to a 'no spoilers' policy.

Coast Insiders looking to learn more about the Bilderberg Meeting can check out investigative journalist Daniel Estulin's numerous appearances on the program, including the excellent Bilderberg Roundtable featuring Estulin, Jim Marrs, and Alex Jones.

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Source: CNBC / Quartz


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