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Alabama City Claims Bigfoot Title

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Step aside, Birmingham and move over, Montgomery, because when it comes to Bigfoot in the state of Alabama, one small city believes that they are at the center of the action.

Via a unanimous city council vote earlier this week, the city of Evergreen declared itself the 'Bigfoot Capital of Alabama.'

The reasoning behind the remarkable designation is that Evergreen has purportedly been the site of several Sasquatch appearances and recently hosted Bigfoot researchers who believed that they found claw marks from the creature on a tree.

The latter incident generated headlines in the Bigfoot community and led to one city council member pondering the idea of Evergreen throwing its lot in with the legendary cryptid.

As such, the city passed the resolution which laid claim to the title of state Bigfoot capital and now wants the Alabama legislature to follow suit.

Evergreen's embrace of Bigfoot should give solace to fans of the creature following the news that New Mexico wants to ban state-funded Sasquatch research.

And we should all take a moment to appreciate the weirdness that is the fact that Bigfoot may now be a topic of discussion in two different state legislature over the next few weeks.

Source: AL.com


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