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Alien Contactee Group in Thailand Encounters Trouble with Authorities

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By Tim Binnall

In a bizarre story out of Thailand, a colorful group of alleged alien contactees had their meditation center raided twice in the last week by irritated authorities. The organization 'UFO Khao Kala' reportedly caught the attention of cops when they announced plans for a skywatching event this coming weekend at their proverbial hilltop headquarters in the province of Nakhon Sawan. The site is known in Thailand as a UFO hot spot and serves at the centerpiece for the fantastic backstory of the group.

According to UFO Khao Kala lore, it was there that their founder Somjit Reapeth first encountered an extraterrestrial race back in 1998. Her story and purported ability to communicate with these beings via meditation ultimately led her to form the UFO organization. Reapeth and her most trusted followers contend that they are in contact with ETs originating from, of all places, Pluto and that they've been told that World War III will begin in the year 2022.

Sporting a giant golden statue of Buddha alongside a seven-headed snake sculpture and said to sit atop of wormhole that is used by aliens to visit Earth, the UFO Khao Kala Meditation Center hosts human visitors from around the world and is the setting for a number of events organized by the group. Such was to be the plan this coming Saturday, when the cadre of UFO believers hoped to celebrate Reapeth's birthday at the site with a gathering aimed at spotting UFOs and possibly connecting with the ETs.

Alas, despite UFO Khao Kala being a fairly well-known presence in the area, something about this proposed event seems to have irked local authorities as a sizeable team of police officers and park rangers paid a pair of surprise visits to the meditation center this week. Oddly enough, the purpose of the forceful raid was apparently not based on suspicions of something particularly nefarious, but rather the bureaucratic issue of whether or not the group's base was growing too big and encroaching on nearby protected land.

Be that as it may, authorities were apparently quite serious about their concerns with one police official announcing that "if we find anyone guilty of wrongdoing, we will file a criminal case against them." To that end, wildlife department workers went so far as to perform precise measurements of the encampment using GPS in order to document what they believe to be a violation of the land protection regulations. As for the aliens believed to be in league with UFO Khao Kala, the same police official didn't sound too concerned, declaring that "if a UFO descends and parks here, that's even better. We'll capture them all."

For now, it appears that the group will be allowed to go forward with their beleaguered birthday party since the investigation is still underway. That said, the troubles for UFO Khao Kala may just be beginning as authorities are demanding that a number of officials involved with the group come in for questioning and it seems likely that there will be some kind of infraction found from the dual raids this week. Let's just hope the local building inspector doesn't hear about the ET wormholeat the meditation center, because we're guessing that it violates all sorts of zoning codes.

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