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'Alien' Fish Caught in Australia

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By Tim Binnall

A woman fishing in Australia was left mystified when she reeled in a bizarre-looking creature that she likened to an alien. The creepy catch was reportedly made by Tee Hokin at a camp along a river in Queensland. According to the gobsmacked angler, "the first thing I thought about was the Alien movie with Sigourney Weaver and that thing that comes out of people's stomach."

Hokin noted that the creature was alive when she reeled it in and seemed almost stunned after being caught as it did not move at all. She also observed that while the catch sported some pretty menacing teeth, she wasn't particularly afraid of the oddity as it only measured around six inches long. After admiring their weird find for a while, Hokin and her friend eventually released it back into the river.

As to what the creature could have been, a "fish curator" at a museum in Queensland identified Hokin's catch as a type of fish known as a worm goby. Since the catch was not kept and, thus, was unable to be examined, the specific species of the animal could not be determined. That said, the scientist speculated that the creature could have actually been a new species altogether, which may make Hokin wish she'd held on to the freakish find rather than set it free.


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