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'Alien Hand' Found in Peru

Paranormal researchers in Peru have unveiled a bizarre object which they believe could be the hand of an alien!

The strange, three-fingered 'claw' was purportedly discovered in a tunnel alongside an 'alien skull' which made headlines back in November.

According to Brien Foerster, who lives in Peru and is spearheading the investigation, an x-ray analysis of the mysterious hand proved to be rather intriguing.

Foerster claims that the fingers on the hand were shown to contain six bones each, which is odd because human fingers contain only three bones.

As some, some have drawn the conclusion that the hand is from a non-human entity, especially since it was found in the vicinity of the odd alien-like skull.

Although Foerster plans to have both the skull and hand subjected to DNA tests later this year, skeptics are already suggesting that the objects are simply hoaxed 'artifacts' akin to the tiny winged humanoid discovered last year.

Coast Insiders looking to learn more about other mysterious skulls found in Peru and the work of Brian Foerster can check out his appearance on the 2/11/2014 edition of the program.

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Source: Express


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