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Alien-Human Hybrid Secret Invasion

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An expert in UFO abduction cases suspects that alien-human hybrids may be living secretly among us, plotting a takeover right under our noses!

On Coast to Coast AM former Temple University professor, alien abduction researcher and the author of "Walking Among Us: The Alien Plan to Control Humanity", Dr. David M. Jacobs revealed the details of what may be a secret invasion.

Back in 1991, partnered with the late Budd Hopkins, and sociologist Dr. Ron Westrum, Dr. Jacobs conducted a landmark Roper Organization poll analyzing the growing abduction phenomena, bringing their results to national attention. Out of the initial 6,000 samples, 119 believed they may have been abducted, he said.

According to the analysis, Dr. Jacobs said that "two percent of the public - approximately 6 million people" had "indicated that they may might be abductees. You can't really tell for sure because you'd have to investigate every single one of them."

Answering skeptics' critiques of the accrued data, Dr. Jacobs responded, "It was very high statistically and we 'cooked' the numbers down to two percent which was as low as we could get it. It was probably higher like five to seven percent."

He revealed that he and his team "have received thousands and thousands of email and letters from abductees – not only from around the world – but especially obviously the United States - showing that there's one helluva a lot of abductees out there. Because maybe 95 percent of abductees don't even know they're abductees and would never think to write to an abduction researcher… It would never occur to them.

"All they know is that they lead very odd lives which they think are normal."

Dr. Jacobs said that many abductees don't recall the events until undergoing hypnosis. These sessions are recorded live and then transcribed for study.

After writing three books on UFOs and the abduction phenomena, Dr. Jacobs revealed what he thinks the aliens might be up to.

"The trajectory has been, of course, of intergenerationality, continuing the growth of the abduction phenomena, expanding within the society, and, perhaps, even getting larger than normal family expansion."

Dr. Jacobs said that many abductees have married non-abductees. When their children come to age, around 5 years old, they too are abducted. "The abduction phenomenon is increasing with the growth of the population," he told George. "So it is literally getting bigger and bigger."

According to Dr. Jacobs' The International Center For Abduction Research website.

"Abductees have two commonalities: They are human, and either their mother, father or both were abductees. The abduction phenomenon appears to cut across all class, educational, geographic, intellectual, economic, racial, ethnic, and political lines. We have identified no apparent physiological traits which would determine whether a person is an abductee."

During the abduction event, the victims are said to be medically probed by aliens using highly advanced technology. DNA and reproductive cells and tissue samples are extracted by the extraterrestrials during the abduction event, which abductees later recall under regressive hypnosis.

The ICFAR website states that the hybrids are genetically engineered using a mix of human and alien components.

Elaborating to C2C, Dr. Jacobs said, "They are created by taking human sperm, human eggs and putting them together - my theory is – and adding DNA from other hybrids or adding DNA from aliens – if aliens even have DNA. In some way, they are created from other beings."

"They're not really born," he said. "They're removed from the woman's uterus at 10 -11 weeks and they're placed in gestation tanks with nutrients. And they just gestate until they're removed," he said.

Even human infertility doesn't stop the aliens. "Women with hysterectomies are still abducted and used as 'hosts' for the incubation of hybrid fetuses," Dr. Jacobs posted online. Male abductees, who have undergone vasectomies, are not exempt. Their sperm is "extracted by a needle-like device directly from its area of production."

"Born" of man, woman and alien, these purported alien-human hybrid offspring -– whom Dr. Jacobs calls "hubrids" - are then raised off-planet. The hubrids, for all intents and purposes, "look and act like us except that they can control real humans with their minds," Dr. Jacobs told C2C. "They strive to be ordinary."

Dr. Jacobs told George he's not sure if the hybrids themselves are self-aware of who or what they really are. "They know that they are different from regular humans because they can control humans - and humans can't control them. They know that they've grown up on a UFO. And they answer to, as they say, The Ones Above."

Several extraterrestrial factions, including the slit-mouthed, telepathic Grey aliens, are said to be using human abductees to teach the hybrids "how to be American citizens – how to be normal people" to integrate fully into society, he disclosed.

Dr. Jacobs said that the extraterrestrials may be employing the abduction-hybridization scenario as a deliberate stratagem to reduce humanity to a second-class species on its own world.

Soon, if alien-human hybrids outnumber real humans in population, they may take over the Earth - not with force but from within.

To learn more about the secret invasion listen to the full compelling interview HERE.

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