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'Alien' Sharks Snagged Near Taiwan

Researchers working off the coast of Taiwan snagged some truly strange specimens during a survey of fish lurking in the area: five monstrous-looking viper sharks.

The nightmarish ocean-dwellers have been likened to the infamous creature from the Alien films due to their literally jaw-dropping ability to attack prey.

Sporting a menacing set of teeth that inspired its association with the notorious snakes, the viper shark can propel its jaw beyond its own mouth which allows it to boast a huge bite.

The find of five of the creatures, albeit with four of them being dead, is particularly noteworthy since viper sharks are rarely seen and were only first discovered in 1986.

And, as if the viper shark could not be more exotic, it also just so happens to be glow in the dark as well.

We can only imagine how haunting it would be to see the ghostly beast heading your way and to find out, once it arrives, that it really was as terrifying as you imagined.

Source: Daily Mail

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