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Alien Skull Found in China?

By Tim Binnall

A UFO researcher in China has come forward with a rather bizarre claim: that he has obtained the skull of an alien! Li Jianmin reportedly revealed the mysterious object at an event in Beijing in which he showcased the odd find and detailed its curious origin. According to the ufologist, the purported skull came into his hands after a private collector purchased it from a street vendor while visiting Inner Mongolia and noticed that the weird memento bore a striking resemblance to an illustration of an alien featured in one of Jianmin's books.

The strange brown object is said to measure approximately six inches in diameter and allegedly consists of two "distinct layers," which led the researcher to surmise that it could not be a human skull. His suspicions were apparently strengthened after he spent four months examining the object and subjecting it to tests using a "atomic force microscope." One can't help but be a bit dubious about his conclusion, however, as part of Jianmin's investigation included comparing it to "alien skulls discovered in other countries."

Nonetheless, the researcher expressed confidence that the object is a genuine alien skull and hopes to obtain funding for DNA tests to confirm it. Unfortunately, Jianmin estimated that such an endeavor would cost around $14,000 American dollars, so it may be a while before we know the genetic nature of the object. For his sake, let's hope that the oddity truly does turn out to be an alien skull, since spending all that money to find out that it was just a turtle shell or something similarly mundane would be pretty devastating.


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