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Amelia Earhart's Stolen Car Found

While the fate of famed aviatrix Amelia Earhart continues to perplex researchers, a recent mystery involving the theft of her car was apparently not quite as vexing for authorities.

An incredibly rare 1932 Hudson Essex Terraplane that once belonged to the pilot was stolen from its current owner in the California city of Orange on Friday.

Valued at around $500,000, the vehicle along with the trailer in which it was housed vanished from an industrial area of the city.

Following a considerable amount of publicity surrounding the theft on local Los Angeles TV stations, cops say that a tipster reported seeing the car parked on the side of a road on Monday evening.

The vintage ride, of which there are only 14 remaining in the world. was subsequently picked up by police and returned to its relieved owner on Tuesday.

Meanwhile, armchair investigators who have spent decades studying the case of Earhart's infamous disappearance were no doubt wishing they had such luck.

Source: OC Register


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