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Ancient Dinosaur Footprint Damaged by Vandals

Ancient Dinosaur Footprint Damaged by Vandals

A dinosaur footprint in Australia that managed to survive for a whopping 115 million years finally met its match in the form of a miscreant with a hammer.

Officials at the Bunurong Marine Park say that some nefarious individual seemingly smashed the toes of the print at some point in the last month.

The damage was discovered this past week when rangers were leading a tour of the site and came upon the now-disfigured print as well as pieces of it strewn about nearby.

Embodying the popular lament 'this is why we can't have nice things,' the print was actually first found in 2006 and officials opted to leave it in place and unprotected.

Their reasoning was that this would allow park visitors to see the print as it was naturally created rather than behind glass in a museum.

Making the vandalism all the more maddening is that officials believe that the print was purposely targeted, since its location in the park is somewhat hard to find.

The hope is that the print can be partially reconstructed using the pieces that were recovered and that it can once again be seen as a fascinating glimpse into the past rather than a testament to the senseless nature of humans which it has now become.

Source: ABC.net.au

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