Angry Protesters Storm Stonehenge!

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A group of self-described 'new age travelers' were arrested at Stonehenge after they stormed the monument, set fire to nearby grass, and climbed on top of the famed rocks!

Six members of the fourteen person protesting party were taken into custody after police were alerted to their siege on the monument.

During their occupation of the esoteric landmark, the group burned circles into the grass near the monument using torches and a pair of particularly plucky protesters actually scaled the giant stones to stand atop the mysterious site.

Although the exact reason for the protest has not yet been revealed, some think that it has something to do with plans to begin charging Stonehenge visitors for parking.

While the protesters' response may seem a bit over the top, it appears to be in keeping with their perspective on the monument.

One member of the party posted on Facebook, "Open access to Stonehenge will never rest until our temple is free from the tyrant occupiers English Heritage, who have stolen it from the people."

As expected, English Heritage, the group responsible for overseeing the site, was aghast at the group's actions.

An official with the group lamented, "How can people who claim to honor the stones deliberately disrespect and damage them like this?"

In remains to be what charges, if any, the protesters face for their passionate response to parking fees.

And, in a poetic coda befitting the high strangeness of Stonehenge, the Salisbury Journal later received a photograph from a motorist who believed he'd spotted a UFO near the monument on that very night!

Of course, the object in question was merely one of the torches belonging to the protesters.

Source: Salisbury Journal

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