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Animal Kingdom Divided Over Super Bowl Winner

One of the weirder Super Bowl traditions to emerge in recent years is the practice of having an animal predict the winner of the big game.

At zoos and wildlife centers across the country in the days leading up to the Super Bowl, a wide array of creatures are enlisted for their 'animal instinct.'

While attempting to wrangle the entire menagerie of prognosticators is a task that even Noah would find daunting, a few of the creatures providing Super Bowl picks stand out.

In the class of 'celebrity' animals, there's April the giraffe, who picked the Patriots, while Fiona the hippo gave the nod to the Eagles.

Also throwing their lot behind the Eagles were two skunks (Stella and Florian), a sloth, a panda bear, an elephant, and, perhaps most scandalous of all, a Boston terrier.

Meanwhile, forecasting a Patriots win were an orangutan, a lion, and some puppies.

In just a few short hours, we'll know which of these animals may have a future as an animal psychic as well as the ones who should have stayed on the sidelines.

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