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Animal Psychics Enlisted in Epic Search for Lost Dog

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A heartbroken animal rescue worker in Indiana has turned to a pair of animal psychics for help in finding a lost poodle that has, so far, evaded a rather epic search.

Jenny Cavkan nursed the 7-year-old toy poodle named Ramzi back to health after she had been recovered from a puppy mill late last year.

After spending five months acclimating the dog to its new domesticated lifestyle, Cavkan adopted the animal out to a new owner who was hoping to provide the poodle with a 'forever home.'

However, it seems that Ramzi had other ideas as, on her first day in the care of her new owner, the poodle took off out the back door of the home, jumped over a four-foot-tall fence and embarked on an ill-conceived quest for freedom.

As one can imagine, Cavkan was devastated by this turn of events and sought help from an Indianapolis organization that specializes in finding lost dogs by using elaborate search techniques which include a feeding station and hidden cameras.

Alas, with three weeks having passed and no sign of Ramzi being found, Cavkan has opted for an unorthodox new approach by way of a pair of psychic mediums who purportedly specialize in speaking with animals.

To that end, one of the 'creature clairvoyants' claims that he is already close to narrowing down where the lost dog may be thanks to messages imparted by the animal.

"I communicated with Ramzi through words and pictures, mostly, to find the area," psychic Tim Link told the Indianapolis Star.

Remarkably, Cavka says that a subsequent search of the location revealed paw prints and scat that seemed to have come from Ramzi, but an attempt to use scent dogs to locate the animal proved fruitless.

Meanwhile, a second pet psychic has also contributed to the cause, telling Cavka that the missing dog has, thankfully, been taken in by an elderly woman who, unfortunately, is unaware of Ramzi's situation.

Nonetheless, this has given Cavka a certain amount of hope that the dog can be found and marveled to the newspaper that the mystic, "told me Ramzi loved the song that I would sing to her. No one knew that I sang to her."

Despite this deeply personal sign that perhaps the psychic really is talking to Ramzi, the group helping Cavka find the animal are not too impressed with the display.

The director of the search and rescue organization mused that "we rather pet owners invest in their money in other more productive ways" and argued that, based on her experience, she came to the same conclusion about Ramzi's whereabouts as the psychic.

While that very well may be the case, we're guessing that she couldn't tell us the dog's favorite song.

Be that as it may, let's hope that Ramzi can be found sooner rather than later whether it be thanks to the psychics' work or via a more traditional methodology.

Source: Indianapolis Star


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